How you can help

Help take action!

  • Call for justice against wholesale governmental confiscation of private property without fair compensation
  • Protect and defend the fundamental principle of limited and constitutional government
  • Protest the social injustice behind Australia’s climate policy and compliance with the Kyoto Protocol.

1. Peter Spencer needs your support to cover court costs. Please contribute.

There are three ways to donate. 1: Paypal, 2: Direct Deposit, or 3: Cheque.

2. Direct deposit to: Bank Account Details: National Bank of Australia. Peter Spencer “Tower of Hope” BSB: No. 082335 Account No: 484643925 3. Send a cheque to: PO Box 4297, Pitt Town, NSW, 2756 Australia.

Thank you!

2. Urge the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund to fund legal counsel to represent Spencer

Let the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund know how important this case is. Urge the AFFF to support Spencer immediately to fund counsel to support this landmark constitutional case. The AFFF is a trust fund set up to fight for farmers through funding test case litigation. What case could possibly be more important to the farmers of Australia? Use your own words, or cut and paste the ones below.

UPDATE: Enough copies of this sample letter have been sent! Please write your own short note instead. It may be just a line.The AFFF need to hear your voice.

Secretary: Sarah McKinnon
02 6269 5666

Dear Trustees

This is to urge you to give your immediate support for the case of Spencer –v- Commonwealth of Australia now in the Federal Court. This case is of huge importance, not just for Australian farmers, not just for all those whom they feed, and not even just for all Australians.

It concerns two far more important and fundamental principles:

‘No matter how high you are, the law is above you’: government must not be allowed to get away with lawless theft of private property rights worth untold billions of dollars in breach of the Constitution. And if real property is not protected by the Constitution, what property is?

If carbon policies are the biggest social responsibility – which is at least questionable – then society needs to pay for them, not just unequally and unfairly discriminate against and oppress a small minority by forcing them to pay out of their private property for everyone else to benefit at their expense.

This is exactly the kind of thing the Australian Farmers Fighting Fund was set up for. There could be no high priority or more effective use of funds than to support Spencer’s sole struggle against the weight and power of the Commonwealth and States!


Let your convictions outweigh your doubts and have a go! I respectfully urge you to carry out your trust responsibility, and decide now for immediate and full AFFF assistance to fund counsel in support of this important cause.

Yours sincerely,

…………………………………… (Your name and address)

3. Tell the world — your friends, news editors, twitter and facebook

Never underestimate the importance of sharing Peter’s story. Spread the word! Most citizens of the western world would be appalled to find out they could play by all the rules, break no laws, and yet still have everything they worked for taken away by the Commonwealth government. The constitution doesn’t guarantee anything unless people are willing to stand up and defend it.


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  1. ianhampton2014

    Peter Spencer is very grateful for the support that is coming in – both financial via the PayPal account (be assured – the money will be put to good use prosecuting the case), and as messages of support. Peter and his immediate volunteer team are working through the weekend – preparing for Monday….

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