The Federal Court has allowed for subpoenas to be issued to three witnesses for the Spencer v. Commonwealth of Australia trial starting on Monday.  They are:

Dr David Kemp – who was Minister for the Environment and Heritage from November 2001 to July 2004.  He is currently Chairman of the Old Parliament House Advisory Council.
Mr Charles Armstrong – past President of the NSW Farmers’ Association, currently Board Member of the Australian Farm Institute and Chair of the National Farmers Federation.

Mr Mal Peters OAM – also a former President of the NSW Farmers’ Association and currently Chair of Regional Development Australia.

Importantly, Spencer is not precluded from making applications about specific (new) witnesses as the case proceeds, whose evidence may prove to be critical in exposing informal arrangements between the Commonwealth and NSW if the documentary evidence cannot be found during the trial.

Can’t help wondering if the political – agricultural – environmental establishment of that period of history might be thinking that their cage is being rattled?



  1. jocal

    My name is Len Marks, a retired lawyer who worked as a farmer, Mt Isa miner, student, and gold miner before I became a Queensland solicitor. I am very concerned about this matter and how Mr Peter Spencer would hope to fight the best legal counsels in Australia by himself.

    The above site leads to my thoughts re. Climate Change but equally this matter is not that different, as the Rudd government by ratified Kyoto Protocol sent this into action.

    The Commonwealth Government under the Constitution has no power to acquire property without just terms payment. They acquired the states to do these actions as no states have the just terms proviso. But when I was a boy my uncle was selected for a “soldier settlement” block and the owner of all the blocks received little moneys. The Commonwealth Government ordered that the Queensland Government pay more money for this acquisition.

    This has turned a full circle where the Commonwealth Government actually asked the states to do this action for them. I have only discovered this matter less than two hours ago and I fail to see how this is legal under the Constitution of Australia.

    If anything can be done, I would be available.

    Regards Len Marks

    Len, sorry this was caught in the spam filter. Hence the delay. Thanks for bringing this case to our attention! – Mod1


  2. multimediamonitor

    First my thanks to all who have [literally] kept Peter Spencer alive since he put it on the line in 2009. Second it is awesome to see how the Internet let’s people like Len Marks contribute to restoring Peter’s ancient property rights and those of countless others, including land owners who have already taken their own lives and more like those who are hanging on in the hope that justice will finally be done.

    However my great concern is that the media, even Alan Jones, who did so much to get public interest and support in 2010, has been silent on Peter’s case. Have Peter and his team been able to discover why there have been no reporters in court, or even callers to Alan Jones on 2GB?

    Alan Jones’ silence is particularly after this interview with Patrick Moore last October:


    1. ianhampton2014 Post author

      Jim (I think) – I sent one of our media releases to 2GB site using the clumsy on-line e-mail contact facility. My message included my contacts. NO contact back from them. Also, considering the kind of research staff capacity that 2GB/Jones has – I would be very surprised that he doesn’t know that this is ON…

      I think there is some uncomfortable fence sitting going on… because a number of conservative commentators have allegiance to the Liberal Party, and the 2003 Native Vegetation Legislation was (and this is part of Spencer’s case) engineered by Howard Government.

      We are not too concerned – conventional media is now taking notice, which is being documented on the Facebook page


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