Today the Spencer v. Commonwealth legal team is reading witness affidavits and preparing for questioning the 13 witnesses scheduled to appear this week and next week.

The admissibility of documents will be critical.  On Tuesday, Justice Mortimer will announce which documents from both sides are admissible and which are inadmissible based on the arguments from the opposing sides.

Not only will what happens this week be critical, it also promises to be intensely interesting. Get along if you can – the sessions are 10:15 to 12:15 PM, and 2:15 to 4:15 PM. If you can’t get along – we will do our best to keep you informed in this blog.

An insight into Spencer’s motivation and understanding of the man can be drawn from something he said in 2010.

“My concerns are directed at the families of the hundreds of farmers who have suicided and the politicians who have failed to show any concern, compassion or morality for what the government has done to these families and the nation’s Constitution.”
~ Peter Spencer
From a news article by Online Political Editor, Samantha Maiden published in The Australian, 2010.