UPDATE, Spencer v. Commonwealth, Sunday 14 December

Now that the court hearings are over, I will not be making regular UPDATE “news” posts as over the last few weeks. I will however make posts whenever there is something significant to report.

I want to express my thanks to everyone who has followed and commented, and especially to those who donated to the PayPal account set up to fund the court case. You have all been part of an incredible piece of history, Peter Spencer has actually taken the Commonwealth and NSW State Governments to court, put them on trial and in the witness box. Almost unbelievable, and it is on-going – Peter and his team have to prepare and submit his final written submission by the 2nd February, 2015.

This is an on-going saga of epic proportions – you can bet that John Howard and Bob Carr did NOT see Peter Spencer coming while they were busy “cooking up” the 2003 NSW Native Vegetation Act. They simply would not have dreamt that this man (some kind of collateral damage to them), would take on their respective governments and their successors and persist and persist and persist. It would also not have been possible without the incredible support of a small group of dedicated supporters, especially the whole Kennedy family, Alastair McRobert, and Peter’s own family who have also paid a huge price. I apologise to anyone else I should have mentioned.

Getting the word out “there”, asking for and generating support has also been very important. In this regard I want to thank Dale Stiller and his Evacuation Grounds blog http://evacuationgrounds.blogspot.com.au/, Jo Nova http://joannenova.com.au/, SOS News http://www.sosnews.org/, and Bob Katter and Katter’s Australian Party http://www.kattersaustralianparty.com.au/